Spring is here to stay!

The weather is warm enough now to put all of the more deicate tropical fish and plants into your pond. We are fully stocked with all of the plants and fish you could want in your water garden.

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Expanded Plant Selection

We have twice the plant selection we had last year. We figured out what worked and what didn't with our setup last year. The biggest problems came from having too little space for plants and our fish vats were getting too hot mid summer. To fix these problems we are moving the fish to where we can keep them cooler, this will in turn give us more space for plants.

Spring Algae Woes

Algae is always an annoyance, but spring is one of the worst times of year for many ponds. While the plants fight to establish a balance, clear water can be hard to achieve. In the long run, floating plants and a balanced pH will keep water sparkling clean. For a month or two in the spring water tends to stay murky. Try Acurel to clear the water up quickly. It acts as a 'quick fix' for murky water.

Summer Hours


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The St. Louis Water Garden Society is putting on their annual pond-o-rama tour. Come visit members oases in their back yards. Tickets available here. For more information click this link to their website.

Rain Water Collection

Rain water is ideal for keeping ponds topped off. It is mineral free and the pH is close to neutral. Let us show you how to set up a rain barrel.

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